Transcendental Meditation

Adri-Mari is a certified Transcendental Meditation teacher. She currently offers classes and group meditation in Midrand, Fourways and Rosebank.

Transcendental Meditation for growth

It is inherent in our human nature go grow, to evolve.  Stress stifles our natural growth.  Not only is Transcendental Mediation one of the most effective techniques to release stress that’s accumulated in the body over an extended period of time, but it also neutralises new stresses so that it is not carried over from one day to the next.

  1. Benefits of TM
  2. What is TM?
  3. How to learn TM
  4. The origins of TM

TM for inner fulfilment and outer progress and success

Support your natural personal growth and become the strong, beautiful person you are destined to be.  Integrate the different aspects of the self into the richness of who you are.

  • Take your awareness to the source of thought for more powerful thinking
  • Broad comprehension along with improved ability to focus sharply
  • Greater tolerance an greater ability to appreciate another’s perspective
  • A more positive and holistic perception of life