4 Main Reasons to learn TM

1. Optimising brain functioning

- better memory, clearer and more orderly thinking, greater creativity and ability to focus, use of your whole brain and its full potential, sharper intellect, higher IQ, better grades, more alertness, expanded consciousness.

Several published studies have found that during TM the brain exhibits a unique pattern of coherent activity. This correlates with improved mental performance including: increased creativity and intelligence, improved learning ability and improved mind-body coordination

  • Increased IQ – Intelligence
  • Increased creativity – Journal of Creative Behavior
  • Broader comprehension and improved ability to focus – Perceptual and Motor Skills
  • Increased brain coherence – International Journal of Neuroscience
  • Improved perception and memory – Memory and Cognition
  • Improved brain response to stress and pain – Neuroreport

2. Be healthier

- less stress, more energy, better health, lower medical expenses, younger body, better sleep, lower blood pressure, reduced alcohol use, ability to stop smoking, less tension, relief from asthma, lower cholesterol, faster reaction time, a longer, healthier life.



  • People who practice TM live longer, healthier lives

A 5 year study on TM users, published in a major medical journal, found that they required less than half the amount of healthcare than controls. They needed less medical treatment in all 17 disease categories including 87% less of heart disease and 55% less for cancer.

  • Look and feel younger

People practicing the technique become measurably younger than their chronological age:

  • Decreased anxiety – Journal of Clinical Psychology
  • Decreased depression – Journal of Counseling and Development
  • Reduced illness and medical expenditures – American Journal of Managed Care
  • Reduced risk factors for hypertension, diabetes, and obesity- American Medical Association’s
  • Archives of Internal Medicine
  • Increased lifespan – American Journal of Cardiology
  • Reduced thickening of coronary arteries -American Heart Association’s Stroke
  • Reduced blood pressure in comparison with other procedures Ethnicity & Disease
  • Reduced heart failure – Ethnicity & Disease
  • Reduced use of hypertensive medication – American Journal of Hypertension

3. Improved social behaviour

- fulfilling friendships, inner calm, more self-confidence, bigger perspective on life, increased tolerance, deeper appreciation of yourself and others, more harmonious behavior, ability to feel better about yourself and enjoy life more, less anxiety, anger, and depression.

Physics has revealed that through everything we do we are producing vibrations in the atmosphere. If a stone I thrown into a pond, waves are produced that travel throughout the pond. Similarly, the wave of individual life through every thought, word and action produces an influence in all fields of our surroundings. Nothing exists in isolation, when the individual wants to improve the effectiveness of his environment the most effective method would be to improve himself. The TM technique as has been reported by scientific experiments, develops the qualities of life which naturally enrich all avenues of behaviour, producing life supporting influences. It fills the tender qualities of the heart and mind and enhances the expression of love

  • Increased self-actualization – Journal of Social Behavior and Personality
  • TM is 3 times more effective in promoting psychological growth than other form of meditation or relaxation – Journal of Social
  • Behaviour and Personality
  • Reduced substance abuse – The International Journal of the Addictions

4. World peace

- improved city life, less crime, fewer traffic fatalities, fewer murders, decreased terrorism, less international conflict, increased harmony between nations, world peace.

The problem of world peace can effectively be solved on the level of the individual. The individual is the basic unit of society. Peaceful individuals create peaceful families, peaceful families create peaceful nations, peaceful nations spontaneously create a peaceful world.

An amazing discovery was done in the 1974 and thereafter independently, scientifically researched and verified, that in cities where as little as 1% of the population practices TM, a variety of social behaviour improves significantly – crime rate drops, number of accidents decrease, health increases and the quality of life improves. This phenomenon of a powerful influence of harmony spreading through a whole community or nation when a small percentage of population practices TM, is referred to as the Maharishi Effect. This Maharishi Effect establishes the principle that individual consciousness, affects collective consciousness. Only the square root of 1% of a population is required if the advanced technique of TM Sidhis is practiced.


4 Main Business Benefits


1. Benefits for professional life


Achieve a stronger self-concept, make right decisions, be more satisfied with your career, do your job better, solve problems faster, enjoy your work more, develop effective leadership, do less and accomplish more, get along better with co-workers, experience less stress at work.

2. Improved job performance

Employees practicing the Transcendental Meditation program an average of 11 months showed significant improvements at work compared with members of a control group. Relationships with co-workers and supervisors improved, and job performance and job satisfaction increased, while the desire to change jobs decreased. The results of this research were replicated in a study with several control groups, which also found significant improvements in the same areas.

3. Increased Productivity and Profit

Research confirms what meditators and business with meditating employees experience. In the studies stated below, there was a marked increase in productivity and increase in Sales per Employee that does the TM technique regularly and a decrease in Labor Costs Decrease in Work Days lost.

4. Improved organisational skills

“Both my organisational skills and performance have improve. In the past I could never relax- I always felt that I should be doing something. With TM I have learnt to enjoy deep relaxation without feeling guilty. After using TM my thinking is more focused. Any sense of inner chaos or confusion is resolved. I can set my parameters for the day and zero in on the priorities. I have certainly noticed that both my organisational skills and overall performance at work have improved. As a result my working day is more pleasurable. Since learning TM I have generally become more aware not only of myself but also of others. I can sense when colleagues or friends are troubled and am able to offer my support.” – Hazel Collins, Chief Executive

  • Improved job performance – Academy of Management Journal
  • Increased job satisfaction – Academy of Management Journal