Private 1 on 1 lessons

Private lessons are for all levels of individual from complete beginners to persons with physical or health challenges. With an individually tailored program, clients progress continually and gain the benefits of yoga – creating vibrant health and clarity of mind.

Adri-Mari is known for her compassion and ability to inspire and build confidence regardless of one’s age or yoga experience. She has a keen eye for precise alignment and provides adjustments that are beneficial to each individual – knowing when to encourage clients to work harder and the wisdom to hold them back when they’ve had enough.

Ongoing private lessons are designed to suit individual needs and then refined further as the lessons progress. Adri-Mari offers innovative ways to enable private clients to continue to practice yoga while healing – creating a very safe and secure learning environment

Each private lesson is 60 – 90 minutes, booked in advance at a time and day convenient to each client. Lessons can be taught at the client’s home or office.