What is TM?

TM is a simple natural technique that can be easily learnt by anyone of any age, education, occupation, religion or cultural background. It is a scientific technique requiring neither specific believes nor the adoption of a specific lifestyle.

TM is practiced effortlessly for 20 minutes, morning and evening, whilst sitting comfortably with eyes closed. During this time, one experiences a state of profound rest, which dissolves accumulated stress and fatigue.

The TM technique is a systematic procedure, that allows mental activity to settle down, until one experiences the state of least excitation of consciousness – Transcendental Consciousness, which is the home of all the laws of nature

Regular practice of TM results in the enlivenment of this fundamental level of life, leading to increased creative intelligence, orderliness of thinking, better physical and mental health, and the development of a state of inner fulfillment conducive to harmonious human relationships.